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Recent work

I've had some really interesting jobs this autumn, below are a few of the highlights...

Facing a block wall with offcuts in order to hide the oil bund. (see gallery to see before and afters!)
It looks so much better now...

Building walls on a new housing estate, a really different working environment!
Rebuilding a very tall (7ft) granite wall at an Abbey in Leicestershire, had to use tower scaffold to reach the top!

A lovely curved wall made with local sandstone...curves are always a little more challenging, but this one looks great!
Awaiting copestones as owner is debating whether to use traditional copes or flat ones...


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As a member of the Derbyshire Dry Walling Association I attended the Chatsworth Show where we built a beautiful wall commemorating the wallers who left the hills and Dales to fight in WW1


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