Costing a rebuild or new build for a dry stone wall is an art in itself! Remember that you are employing a qualified and professional craftsperson.

In order to work out costs per meter or per job I will need to visit the site and discuss with you a number of details.

The kind of questions I will ask that will help determine the price could be as follows;
  • Is it an agricultural wall or a domestic/garden wall?
  • Do you have sufficient stone or do I need to bring it in?
  • Is it a repair of a fallen wall or a complete new build?
  • What is the lay of the land i.e. on a slope or flat?
  • Is it a part or fully retaining wall? What is the quality of the stone? 
  • How high do you want it?
  • Does it have any features e.g. a wall end or gateway?
  • Is the wall cemented?
  • Is there good access to the wall/site?
  • Will I need to remove trees, roots, vegetation etc?
Prices for straightforward 'gapping' (which is repairing field walls) generally start at £60 per meter and depending on the answers to the questions above will rise accordingly.

Pondering...prior to starting gapping a limestone wall above Carsington