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Hello 2019!

Where has the time gone? All of a sudden its January 2019 I'm layered up in thermals, my once hot drink is turning to ice as it sits in a cup as I build ... and those hot days of summer where I was getting to work for 5.30am to avoid the heat seem so far away! It has been a very busy few months of non stop walling moving from limestone to sandstone and back again. A couple of insurance jobs...a couple of 'quick-my-wall-has-fallen-down' type jobs some garden landscaping work and now mid winter a very long stretch of field walling to do. So looking back since August here's a little of what I have been up to... 44m uphill, sandstone wall which had to curve around trees...quote a challenge as the trees were in the wall! A quick day gapping at Snitterton with lovely limestone Gorgeous early morning winter sun on part of my 255m near Kirk Ireton uh-oh...winter has arrived!