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Walling withTrevor

For the last 18 months or so I have been very fortunate to have worked alongside Trevor Wragg, one of Derbyshire and the UK's Master Craftsmen. Trevor has been walling for most of his life and has a wealth of knowledge , not only about walls but about Derbyshire rural life and our local countryside. He also has a good few tales of local life too making a working day enjoyable and interesting. Through Trevor I have experienced different walls, stone and techniques which has been a great boost to my overall experience as a waller. Trevor is in the process of retiring and I shall miss him enormously but know that he will continue walling as long as he can lift a stone! Trevor has appeared on TV and is also known as Trevor the weather! The weather with Trevor Trevor with Ade Edmunson

Waller's mate

My supervisor!

Asleep on the job

Can't be the comfiest place but it's Nell's preference!


There are a wide variety of steps that we can put in a garden wall. These will depend upon what stone is available. Wide steps, curved vertical walls topped with stone, thin indian flags on top of steps  Straight walls, same size steps, topped with thick Indian sandstone flags Sandstone flags on steps into a curved vertical wall

A little help

A job made so much easier with toys!!! Lifting a huge 2.8m top step