Thursday, 16 June 2016

Wildlife in the wall

Wow! An Eyed Hawk moth I think but not flashing it's eyes! Landed on the new built wall at the end of the day

Pinfold in Birchover

I have the privilege of working with Trevor Wragg, one of Derbyshire's master craftsmen and recently we were rebuilding the pinfold in Birchover. This was a small stone fold where stray animals were rounded up and kept by the 'Pinder' who would then charge a small fee to the owner when the stray animal was collected. 

We reckon that the wall was at least 100 years old possibly 2 and it was interesting that there was no stone packing in the lower half of the wall...instead there was a lot of soil!

Trevor completed the road side which now looks fantastic.

I completed the garden side...I gave Trevor the nicer stone!!!