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Nell's first day at work

She doesn't actually look that thrilled does she?...and she wasn't after standing on some nettles.  However, she was helpful standing on the wall, offering advice and repositioning stones she thought were in the wrong place! Think my pace may have slowed a tad!

Lovely limestone

I have recently really come to love limestone. My mentors Gordon Wilton and Trevor Wragg, both master craftsmen, grew up on limestone and both have encouraged me to do as much as I can. Like many types of stone, limestone varies regionally, locally and even field to field. I have just completed this field entrance in Brassington and have enjoyed working with the different limestone available. Much of the original wall looked like dolomitic limestone, very gnarly and bobbly.  The wall was in a poor state with large stone up high...needless to say, these boulders once down, stayed at the bottom! The delivery from Longcliffe   was lovely blocky limestone that was easy to dress. As you can see from the finished wall it's very different from the original stone. 5 tonnes of new Longcliffe limestone The finished wall curving into the gateway with a mix of old and new stone