Thursday, 29 January 2015

Why walls go wonky!

This is one of the recent walls I've been working on, and it's clear why it's starting to twist bend and fall over!
No 'hearting' so nothing to give strength to the insides...seems to be a common fault in walls!

Quite easy to see the effect of this tree on the wall even though we can't see the actual roots
This wall will fall given the ongoing action of the tree and the fact that there's no internal strength!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Asbestos stops play!

Hmm, first it was the snow...pretty impossible to get to a wall that's under 8" of snow. Then I discovered what looks like asbestos in the have had to stop until it's identified and dealt with. 

Pllease note, builders of the future...a dry stone wall is NOT a good place to stuff asbestos!
Thank goodness we discovered it before the children who live here did!

Pieces of asbestos in the rubble in the wall

Part of the problem with this wall is the lack of 'hearting' meaning it has no internal strength and support, it's much more likely to move, bow and crack under any kind of pressure.